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He also suggests that flares for slot ports can be done quite easily with an angle grinder and some sandpaper. There is a discussion comparing round ports vs slot ports at AVSForum where Mark Seaton suggests a 3:1 ratio; If using a slot port as part of the enclosure wall, the port appears longer. Trouble Calculating Port Length? | Yahoo Answers

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Overview: This is a calculator for designing a L-Slot Vent Bass Reflex Enclosure. The formulas used in the calculator create a design that suggests the most maximally flat response in an anechoic environment based on the number of drivers, the thiele small parameters and the allotted dimensions specified in the user’s input fields. Slot port calculator - ascarcoiving Round that figure to nearest ¼ inch, and you get an offset measurement of 3 ¾ inch wide. The slot port would be 3 ¾ inches wide by 14 ½ inches tall. Some port lengths do not allow for 16-inch port depths without some sort of modification. Converting round port to slot port? — MAC/DIY I'm trying to convert a 3" x 3.65" round port to a slot port, and need a refresher on how this works. I know that the area of the port needs to be maintained, but don't remember if it's the height (diameter) or length that also stays the same. Slot Port Calculator? - Home Theater Forum To figure your port, square/slot/round and different tunings for your box, try here. Select Loudspeakers-101 and then check fro that menu (design port/s) and click on that. Some very basic info is given, and a calculator is their for giving you the deminsions you'ed need for a particular tuning using round, square or slot port/s.

In slot ports there will be corners, and those cannot be avoided, however, you can make sure that any corners are rounded or at least have angledNeed more help building enclosures? Be sure to check out the box calculator included in the DD Audio Toolbox mobile app available on iOS and Android!

square port calculator - In case there are too many variables with height and width of a slot port to make a calculator, all you need to do is convert the round port to a slot or square port with the same surface area. For example, a 6 inch round port has a surface area of 28 square inches. This will be the same as a port Port Length Calculator - Select whether you are using a round or slotted port for you box design.; Enter the number of ports you are using, the internal airspace of your box, then tuning frequency you wish to use, and then hit calculate button.; If you are using a slotted port, select square under port type, then answer yes under are you using a slotted port.